Nature clubs for Kids

Inspiring a passion for nature and wildlife

For many people, their love of nature begins at home, with the plants, birds, and ecosystems around them. Once we become aware of the incredible richness of nature around us, we understand its value. Reawakening people's awareness and appreciation for nature and wildlife is a key conservation approach - and its starts with children. We're supporting education efforts in various snow leopard range countries.

During the summer months, the International Snow Leopard Trust's field teams organize experiential education camps for children 10-14 years of age.

These three-day outdoor camps take place in lower altitude grasslands within snow leopard habitat in Spiti, deep within the Indian Himalayas. Camp activities focus on raising awareness about local biodiversity, landscapes, and the need for conservation.

Local Snow Leopard Trust staff immerse the children in exploration, discovery and team-building exercises. These activities help increase knowledge and understanding of local ecology and foster positive attitudes toward local wildlife.

Schoolteachers are invited to attend and field staff from local state forest departments regularly visit.

In 2013, over 350 children and 20 teachers participated in Snow Leopard Trust eco-camps in India, and the program has also been piloted in Mongolia.