Conservation Projects

Addressing the threats

There are a number of excellent projects currently in operation which have been developed and administered by organisations around the globe. These efforts have a single purpose – to ensure the long-term survival of this highly endangered species. The UK Trust aims to keep abreast of as many conservation projects as possible and, therefore, to invest funds in a variety of ways. The majority of our investment, however, will go into projects that support conservation of habitat, anti-poaching initiatives, local community activities and educational projects. For more information on the projects we have funded in the past and are currently supporting please visit the 'News and Events' section of this site." Snow Leopards can be protected in many ways and projects contributing successfully to this challenge include:


Given the elusive nature of the snow leopard, very little is still known about this magnificent animal. Only through research will we develop a greater understanding of this species and how best to protect it. Projects such as the setting up of remote cameras in order to try to establish snow leopard populations in certain areas; the use of satellite collars on a number of snow leopards to better understand their behaviour and their home ranges.

Research Camera Studies

We're supporting a study on the population dynamics of snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan's Tian Shan mountains

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The greatest threat to the snow leopard is the illegal trade in its fur. Anti-poaching and anti-hunting initiatives range from discouraging revenge livestock killings by providing local herders with livestock insurance; working with governments to introduce legal sanctions against the trade in fur or body parts; introducing commercial initiatives that enable local communities to increase their income from producing and selling local handicrafts.

Empowering women for conservation

We're helping fund training and bonuses for women who make and sell handicrafts as part of conservation project Snow Leopard Enterprises

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We all benefit from a better understanding of the wildlife that we share our environment with. For the people living in close proximity to the snow leopard, education is vital. Projects such as the education of herders to improve animal husbandry and the guarding of their cattle; working with teachers to improve student education in the classroom.

Eco-Camps for Kids

With our support, kids in the Indian Himalayas attend eco-camps where they learn to appreciate nature

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